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Pulte model home office

Why a new home buyer’s agent cost you nothing

Buyer’s agents bring qualified and interested buyers to new home models Builders spend a lot on marketing to bring buyers So builders pay buyer agents instead of marketing expenses Everyone knows that when buyer’s agents are involved in a resale real estate transaction, they get a commission, and that comes out of the sellers’ and…

Money, checkbook, pen

Buying a home – a great investment or not?

Is your home your biggest investment? Or is it simply your biggest expense? We’ve been told the former as far back as we can remember, but it it true today. Or was it ever true? Mind you we’re talking about your primary residence here, not real estate in general. Lots of investors have made millions…


Are you considered rich in your state?

Are you rich? Do you know what it takes to be considered rich where you live? If you are trying to keep up with the Joneses (or you are them), what do you earn or have that puts you in the “rich” category? One favorite determinant is accumulated wealth. If you own a million-dollar home…